President of organization: Tamara Božović

We are an organization 
that fights for the rights
 of Roma woman.

On my behalf, I would like to greet all the visitors present on our web site to thank you for your time. Here you will get and hear a lot of useful data and information. My goal is to affirm young people who will be able to organize various workshops and forums, because they will be able to educate them in all spheres of education. The journey is long and difficult only for those who give up their visions quickly. I do not know how long I will get on it – but my intention is, in cooperation with you, the media and institutions, from our general and onwards – to achieve what I envisioned. What I want to do as president of the World Roma Organization: encourage and achieve cultural cooperation between India and Serbia, I suppose you know why, and what all that cooperation can bring. There is a need to take into account the values ​​of the European, Indian and Serbian traditions at the level of sports, culture, tourism, and spiritual growth, and when it comes to tradition – for this present gathering at the level of Europe and Serbia it is important to mention the tradition of GRAWA home insurance company. the oldest in the world – 190 years. I want to encourage the use of new information technologies in the culture and financial literacy of all people, and above all of my people, to motivate children’s creativity as well as young talents in all fields, which again includes proposals for smart financial investment in the individual and his family, thereby providing support to the young people., I do not want to disclose persons with disabilities and their mental development and physical development in accordance with the possibilities, – it is important for me to participate in advocacy activities that are related to the goals of the association of this World Organization, which includes the implementation of violence and the rights of peoples of all nations and nationalities, especially Roma. Focus: is to give young people the opportunity to think creatively about what to discuss in workshops and forums. My target group is Roma women and youth, because I think it is very important to address primarily their materials and social status. This is because the future depends on motherhood and good upbringing, and if women are not educated about their problems they are not aware of – it is difficult to change anything. So it is with young people: they should have faces of experience and lessons that will teach them all literacy: spiritual, financial, and one that relates to their rights. I set out on a journey – of course, I must reach the goal with a good collaborative team, and permament and my learning. Because we are all teachers and students.



Do you believe that Roma womans have same rights as all other people?
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