The love of a Roma woman

About book: Find a woman who will need to find a way to change the Roma tradition, encourage comfort and awaken the consciousness of all Roma women in this world and change their destiny through these poetry The Love of a Roma Woman.

Biography: TAMARA BOŽOVIĆ, born in Vienna 1980. President of World organization of Roma woman. From early childhood she writes songs, with which she has participated in various school events.

She also participated in poetry competitions through electronic media, as well as other competitions.


Someone has destined for me 
an evil destiny
in which I will suffer, but love.
He tormented my heart and soul, 
set false love on me.
He could have been a newer
tailor of my destiny, 
not some dormant apprentice.
I will change my destiny, 
take the thread in my own hands, 
make it my puppet 
and start dancing love.
Destiny may be the meat of the card,
but I will cut the cave.
And so real disasters begin.


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