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Lidija Malović

Lidija Malović was born in the fall of 1971. with the soul of the poet she painted in several of her published poetry and prose books. She was dealing with herself – leaving visible traces on the collectives in which she worked to raise cultural awareness. She has been represented by poetry in several Proceedings, and co-founder of several literary clubs and associations.


I'm sending a telegram 
for the urgency of one life! 
The traffic light is red
 and the driver of my direction
 trembling before fighting caution 
and waiting for the light to green.
 In the meantime
 the breath of death life has touched!

 * All honesty, praise and remorse 
It will not bring me back to life! 

2. *** I'm your fairy tale slaughtered 
- powerless htenjima. 
I'm your arm extended 
into the thought of hope -
 that pain separates 
from the window 
buried mines. 

When the bells stop ringing
That there is freedom of passage
And when love goes after the sun 
To the haven of nothing, 
Then a song         
Fire without flames, 
We will burn in silence 
And land in the sky    
- shelter of sleep: 
no twilight, trouble, silt and
the bell ringers              
whats the end!           



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